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SV GOLF s.r.o. was founded by joint effort on behalf of active minigolf players in 1991 with the view to promote this small branch of sport and to better familiarize it to the general public. Nowadays, SV GOLF s.r.o. specializes in the production of four types minigolf courses - MINIATURGOLF, HOBBYGOLF, GREENGOLF and MINIGREENGOLF.

The production of the most popular type of the MINIATURGOLF course in the Czech Republic has gone through a considerable qualitative development since 1991. Based on ecological requirements, the asbestos cement sheeting was replaced by asbestos free cement materials and metal parts were offered in the galvanized form. Since 1999, the asbestos free cement boards in this type of course have been hardened through the incorporation of polyacrylonitrile fibre admixtures.

As early as 1992, a delivery of MINIATURGOLF was conceived for Switzerland for European Championship. This resulted in the SV GOLF Association's gradual incorporation into leading European producers of minigolf courses. Hence followed by deliveries of courses and spare parts not only for the domestic market, but also to foreign countries (Germany, Switzerland, France, the Netherlands, Sweden, Norway, Venezuela and Slovakia).


foto: hriště v Lounech


foto: hřiště v Lounech


 The offer of the MINIATURGOLF course from SV GOLF Association includes 25 standard tracks in asbestos free finish with galvanized metal parts, from which 18 tracks for the complete course may be selected. The track is 6.25 m long, 0.9 m wide and the diameter of the finishing circle is 1.4 m. The optimal area for the installation is 800 sq. m.

The offered tracks meet the requirements of the World Minigolf Federation (WMF).


Based on the development and long-term observation of demand, in particular from domestic customers' point of view, SV GOLF Association has extended its offer in 1998 to a minigolf course called HOBBYGOLF.

It is a smaller (80 %) recreation type of the MINIATURGOLF course. Official competitions under the banner of the World Minigolf Federation (WMF) cannot be played on such courses, but by preserving the popularity of the game itself, it particularly meets the requirements of lower price and smaller area for installation (500 sq. m.). The HOBBYGOLF stands out for its low financial burden and space, which makes it an ideal accessory for all recreational facilities and hotels.


foto: dráha hobbygolfu, středový kruh


foto: dráhy greengolfu


GREENGOLF has been incorporated as a new dimension in the offer by SV GOLF s.r.o. since 1999, which in a significant way increases and enriches the attractiveness of the minigolf courses. This type of course has been manufactured and offered in Scandinavian countries for almost 50 years and it meets the World Minigolf Federation (WMF) norms. The course is to be placed on a 30 cm deep gravel foundation, it is made of a specially prepared wood and water resistant glued boards, and the playing field is covered with a green turf adapted for outside use. The length of the track is 7 - 15 m, its width is 0.9 m, the circle is formed by the octagon with diameter of 1.8 m.


The suggested area for installation of the course is 1,200 sq. m. The color combination of the course brings it closer to the real golf courses and enhances interest in this game.

There is a smaller type of the MINIATURGOLF course named HOBBYGOLF. SV GOLF s.r.o. offers 2/3 types of the GREENGOLF course named MINIGREENGOLF with all advantages of a smaller minigolf course.

We offer our experience to operators of minigolf courses, additional spare parts for all types of courses, necessary accessories for running the courses, such as golf clubs, golf balls, play reports etc. We are ready to lend on-site any advice to all interested parties on running the minigolf courses. If this brief introduction has caught your attention and you want to know more, please contact us directly. We wish you many exciting moments and sporty experiences at the minigolf play.

Yours faithfully,


ing. Ales VITEK
European Vice-Champion of Groups, 1987, 1998
The World Vice-Champion, 1993


SV GOLF s.r.o.
Na Sibeniku 50, CZ-779 00 Olomouc
Czech Republic

Contact Persons:

ing. Ales VITEK,Vit GERZA
Na Sibeniku 50, CZ-779 00 Olomouc • phone/fax (+420 58) 541 38 98 • cellular phone (+420 605) 299 278

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